#SustainablePublicAffairs wants to be the world’s most sustainable Public Affairs consultancy. We run our operations sustainably and only take on cases that have a positive impact on the environment. We work for sustainable frontrunners and want to make their performance the norm for the rest. We believe in market-led sustainability and advocate for regulatory conditions that support that.


The Circular Economy Action Plan says: "the performance of frontrunners in sustainabililty should progressively become the norm." We help our clients to achieve that - levelling the playing field for sustainable frontrunners. Our mission is to foster policy-driven growth for sustainable business cases.


What lobbyists choose to promote has consequences for society. Our lobby helps to create a society that rewards sustainability. For this, we abide by three values, without which sustainability can never exist: Positivity, Integrity and Transparency

Top quality

We provide the best advice and support because we are able to team up with the brightest minds. Today’s talent is motivated by more than profit, they work for a purpose. We have a clear purpose that motivates us to go further, even if it is off the beaten track. We are proud to have already been nominated one of the Best in Brussels.

Total Focus

We work across all sectors and policies but only for sustainable projects. This helps us to propose creative and constructive solutions. It also allows us to know the scene and be well-connected to influencers and decision-makers. Our focus and reputation make us credible conveyors of your message.

Sustainable choice

We operate sustainably and our work helps deliver SDG12 and the climate goals. Hiring us guarantees responsible sourcing of public affairs services. It adds to your ESG and CSR scores, marks your case as sustainable and shows that your public position and private approach are consistent.


We are an equal opportunity organization - committed to having a diverse workforce. Interested? Meet the team!

There's no I...

Leon de Graaf is a senior consultant. A business and environmental economist, Leon worked at BusinessEurope where he was responsible for getting the entire European industry behind the ambition of climate neutrality in early 2019.

Marie Gissat is a junior consultant. With a strong legal and political background, Marie is particularly focused on circular economy, energy efficiency and other environmental topics. Previously, Marie worked in the European Parliament.

Simon Holmes is strategic advisor for competition law and sustainability. As a judge at the Competition Appeal Tribunal and Visiting Professor at University of Oxford, Simon is one of the leading thinkers on this cutting-edge topic. Team!

Camille Vachet is a senior consultant. A qualified competition lawyer, Camille was trained in DG COMP, worked in several law firms and specialised in digital economy at two European public affairs consulting firms. Camille works on #Buildbackbetter files.

Doriane Marin is a junior consultant. Trained in international law and administration - and with work experience from FAO and DG MARE, Doriane is an expert on blue bioeconomy, algae, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, novel foods, etc.

Daan van Apeldoorn is a junior consultant. After studying European law and international relations - and with work experience from WPP, Daan focusses on communications and marketing. Daan works on circular economy, energy and climate.

Willem Vriesendorp is the founder of #SustainablePublicAffairs. Previously, Willem was a partner at FIPRA where he led the Competition and the Environment practices. Willem is one of the best Public Affairs consultants in Brussels.


We center our service around cases rather than companies. Whether these are cases from companies or organisations that are well-advanced in their sustainability goals - or are just starting on their journey: every sustainable case can be a #SustainablePublicAffairs case.

Want to get a latest snapshot of who we work with? Check out our up to date registry in the Transparency Register, and want to know what they think of us? Check out our client testimonials!

Do you have a sustainable case that would benefit from more ambitious - or better applied - environmental norms? Then get in touch and we would be happy to share more about the range of cases we have worked on.


Public Affairs is built on an ecosystem of specialists. We do not pretend to know everything, but we know the people who do. We believe in the power of connections with allies, knowledge partners and influencers. We build a network around your case.

Building common ground is important. We have experience in setting up and managing alliances. Willem’s background as a competition lawyer helps us to take the role of trustee.