Making sustainable frontrunners the norm.

Climate Positive Lobbying.



#SustainablePublicAffairs is the world’s most sustainable public affairs consultancy.

Our positive impact on environment and society is certified by B Corp as we are the first Public Affairs agency to be a B Corp.

We run our operations sustainably and only take on cases that have a positive impact on the environment.

More importantly, we work for sustainable frontrunners and want to make their performance the norm for the rest. We believe in the power of market-led sustainability and advocate for regulatory conditions that enable a race to the top.



The Circular Economy Action Plan says: “the performance of frontrunners in sustainabililty should progressively become the norm.”

We help our clients to achieve that – levelling the playing field for sustainable frontrunners.

Our mission is to foster policy driven growth for sustainable business cases.



What lobbyists choose to promote has consequences for society.

Our lobby helps to create a society that rewards sustainability.

For this, we abide by three values, without which sustainability can never exist: 

Positivity, Integrity and Transparency

We lobby for climate positive impacts and we also operate climate positively.

To maximize resource efficiency and ensure data minimalization, #SustainablePublicAffairs only works in black and white and does not use pictures. Our website is hosted by Infomaniak Green Hosting.

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